An eye for beauty & a purpose.


Kosen Media is a company founded by NW photographer Kole Knudsen. He has always had an eye for beauty in both the micro and macro worlds. Photography has always been a passion but using it to help people experience and enjoy the world around them drives him forward.

With his passion he has developed the techniques and invested in the equipment to allow him to serve clients around the NW. Using tools like professional drones, cameras, and 3D imaging he has set up Kosen Media to be a multi-faceted resource to both businesses and individuals. Projects are evaluated on the companies ability to develop excellent work on time.

The digital media age has made everyone in the world with a cell phone a photographer in many ways. Kosen sees the beauty in that and celebrates the world’s ability to capture everything in a moments notice. Where the company can accel is providing next level imagery and showing the customer how to use that to succeed. Our 3D tours are in high demand as businesses seek to engage with the world. Photo shoots yield great new views of the subject and our drone work is something we gain many compliments for.

Kosen Media is passionate about sharing the world in ways never before imagined. How can we help you share your world?

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